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Serving the G.T.A. as a Personal Fitness Trainer since 1999.


My name is Loren Lloyd, from Toronto since 1984. I have been licenced and certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist and Group Fitness Trainer since 1999 at World Gym, Toronto.

I became involved in health and fitness at the age of 15 after my Mom bought me a years subscription to Muscle Mag International  after seeing me being bullied at school for a few years. Once I started lifting weights, I knew I found something that made me feel and look better.

And so my fitness journey began. I ended up living in Toronto at the age of 18 by myself, working out every day while I worked a part time job before high school, then back to work after school, then finally at 830pm I would workout. I did not care if I was tired, I was so excited to make it to the gym.

In 1999, I became certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer from a local fitness center, and from there I completed several courses to finally start my own Fitness Studio, which I ran for several years.

Since then I closed my studio, started training clients part time while starting and running another successsful business , which is what I am doing currently in 2021. I am still training clients, and soon, this fall, winter of 2021, I will be taking on my Personal Training Business to full time, while operating my other business p/t. My personal training services are performed at my own gym in my Toronto Condo, with only top quality equipment.

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I offer personal fitness training services in my own personally designed home fitness studio located in my condo in Toronto.

I can help you with your health and fitness goals, whether to improve muscle strength and tone, or lose weight, or build more muscle, as long as you can travel to my home fitness studio, the desire to want to improve yourself, and a few hours each week, I can help you.


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My fees are priced accordingly to my skills, success rate and experience.

Per Session


  • One workout session
  • Sessions lasts 1 hour
  • All workouts are at my fitness studio
  • Session includes stretches
  • Cash/Email Transfer

10 Sessions


  • Ten sessions per month
  •   Sessions last 1 hour
  • Monthly workout plan
  • Monthly Meal Plan
  •   Weekly text support

20 Sessions


  • Twenty sessions per  1 or 2 months
  • Sessions last 1 hour
  • Monthly workout plans
  • Meal plan with grocery list
  •   Unlimited text support
Do you need to lose weight?

Drop 5-50lbs.

Are you more interested in building some muscle?

Gain 5-30lbs of muscle.

Or maybe you just want to get into good healthy condition!

Attain or maintain a healthier lifestyle.